Nate & Jacob have performed at a variety of venues.  From their performances on the streets of Boston and Edinburgh to a variety of special events they have presented their juggling, diabolo, and clowning skills to thousands of people around the world.  To see the schedule for their upcoming performances, click here.

Best Coast Festival

Stavanger, Norway


The Sharpe Brothers performed and gave workshops at possibly the coolest convention ever.  Three days of awesome juggling on the beautiful Norwegian coast followed by an idyllic hike in the mountains.

Circus Smirkus First Night

Burlington, Vermont


Jacob and Nate performed their diabolo act as part of the Circus Smirkus troupe in front of thousands as part of the Burlington New Year’s Eve festivities.

Festival Mondial du Cirque de Demain

Paris, France


The Sharpe Brothers were the only American act invited to be one of 24 new international acts presented at the tent of Cirque Phenix in Paris.  They performed their duo diabolo routine to live music in front of audiences of 5,000 during two shows, and recieved the Circus Kobzhov, Cirque Knie, and Special Jury awards for their performance.

Turbofest Juggling Festival

Quebec City, Quebec


Nate and Jacob performed alongside Vova Galchenko in the public how in the Sharpe Brother’s first ever juggling festival.  They also gave workshops teaching 3 diabolos low, 3 diabolos high, and partner diabolo.

British Juggling Festival

Doncaster, England


The Sharpe Brothers were one of several acclaimed international acts brought to the convention to perform in the Public Show.  The brothers also gave several diabolo workshops to aspiring diaboloists.

International Juggling Association Festival

Lexington, Kentucky


The Sharpe Brothers competed against teams from Taiwan and Japan in the teams championships to win 1st place.  Jacob then performed his solo act in the public show to a great response.

Israeli Juggling Convention

Gan Hashlosha, Israel


The Sharpe Brothers performed and gave workshops at one of their favorite conventions yet.  Five days eating delicious vegetarian food and camping in a beautiful national park, couldn’t ask for more.

Bigoud ‘N Jongle

Rennes, France


The Sharpe Brothers performed and gave workshops at a wonderful convention in France.  There was a seriously high powered concentration of diaboloists, and the crepes were amazing.

Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Edinburgh, Scotland

August 2009, 2010

The Sharpe Brothers have performed at the Fringe for the past two summers, doing street shows every day across the city.  Their 45 minute show includes unique, world class diabolo tricks and a healthy dose of comedy and audience participation.

Faneuil Hall

Boston, MA

May-September 2009, 2010, 2011

The Sharpe Brothers perform their 40 minute street show throughout the summer at historic Faneuil Hall in Boston, wowing crowds with engaging comedy, acrobatics, and juggling.

AstraZeneca Conference

Boston, MA

November 9, 2010

The Sharpe Brothers opened the AstraZeneca annual R&D conference, putting together an electric performance with chinese dancers and musicians to start the conference with a bang.